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The producer as author

For Bruce Mau, graphic design is a way of investigating ethical, cultural and philisophical issues

Reputations: Jean Widmer

Reputations: Jean Widmer

‘Signage reflects both the complexity of space and the way a place is organised. And it is very…


Reputations: Terry Jones

‘I’m a creative director. I work with photographers. Years ago I said design is a piece of piss. Design…

General Idea: Infiltrate, infect and mutate

General Idea: Infiltrate, infect and mutate

Ignoring the boundaries between art and design, this Canadian trio worked in both fields with an…


Seize the sans serif

Raw, vigorous, experimental and often funny, Ark magazine helped to transform British graphics


Maps and dreams

No printing method is too basic for Jake Tilson. Created with photocopiers, his books, magazines and…


Reputations: Alexander Liberman

‘I think the term “art director” is the greatest misnomer. There’s no art in magazines unless you are…

Up close and tight

Up close and tight

The legendary Herb Lubalin brought humour, sensuality and a contemporary flourish to complex typographic…


Controlled passion: the art of Fernando Gutiérrez

In post-Franco Spain, a cool Catalan breeze blows through the often humid, overheated world of…


Total design

In its all too brief life, Alexey Brodovitch’s Portfolio magazine achieved perfection

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