Summer 2021

A niche of a niche

CentreCentre is the imprint founded by British designer Patrick Fry

CentreCentre’s founder Patrick Fry has made a practice of turning the most unlikely source material into design publishing treasure. Many graphic designers have a fondness for ephemeral printed matter (see Andy Altmann’s Tat* – Inspirational Graphic Ephemera, p.74-81), but British designer Fry makes books about the markings on building bricks, club entertainers’ posters, computer punch cards, carefully curated rubbish and, for his latest publication Magic Papers: Conjuring Ephemera, 1890-1960, arcane printed materials about magic and magicians. As magic expert Philip David Treece points out in his introductory essay, many books about conjuring were so secret that they were never lodged with the British Library in London. Magic Papers lifts the curtain on this obscure corner of niche publishing history …

Right. Cover of Magic Papers (2020). Far right. Cover of regular edition of Print Punch (2019). Top. Spread from Magic Papers.

Spread from Brick Index (2019).

Andrew Robertson, writer, London

Read the full version in Eye no. 101 vol. 26, 2021


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