Summer 2017

Colour is the new black

For the past decade or so, Mark van Wageningen has been investigating the possibilities of adding colour to the conventional black-and-white universe of digital type design, resulting in work that is both thrilling and evocative

Mark van Wageningen of the Amsterdam foundry Novo Typo recently caught the international type scene’s attention with a handful of projects featuring inventive and innovative colour fonts. He is, however, by no means a newcomer. During the past two decades he has been a book designer, identity designer and type designer, often seeking highly personal solutions to pedestrian problems, making irreverent work that challenged the viewer (and the client) with charming, unusual, yet approachable results. Now that he has decided to focus on what is also known as chromatic type, his long years of broad unorthodox activity are paying off.


Three versions of ‘ziza’ set in two interlocking fonts in purple and yellow respectively. Ziza family, designed by Mark van Wageningen, Novo Typo, 2016.
Top: A giant (934pt) ‘E’ is constructed from four overlapping
Bixa fonts: Stripe and Black Right (red), Black Left (blue) and
Deconstruct (yellow).



Jan Middendorp, designer and writer, Berlin

Read the full version in Eye no. 94 vol. 24, 2017


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