Issue 80


Dark Magus
Critique, Rick Poynor

Designer John Coulthart’s daily blog on the fantastical is erudite, prescient and admirably…

Monitor, Rob Waller

Information design, architecture and making buildings readable

Editorial, the editor , John L. Walters

Eye 80 – celebrating two decades of graphic design and change


Reputations: Robin Kinross
Rick Poynor

‘It’s to do with meaning, which forces its way up like a root growing under a pavement – it breaks…

Taking care of business
Simon Esterson

The pages of Bloomberg Businessweek explode with infographics, illustration and design experiment.…

Keepers of the flame
Steven Heller

US picture magazines of the late 1960s and 70s are still a vital source of inspiration

Credits where due
Anne-Marie Conway

Momoco’s TV and film titles mix animation and typography to distinctive (and award-winning) effect

Out of hand
David Crowley

Handwriting is a touchstone in the history of graphic design, where lettering meets the messy reality of…

Different strokes
Jonathan Parker

Sensitive details and technological ingenuity make Alejandro Paul’s script typeface designs both highly…

Tools of the trade
David Barringer

David Barringer on the one sure thing he has grasped in two decades of graphic design life

Johnny Hardstaff

As previously opposing worlds collide, Johnny Hardstaff envisages new designer-client relationships

Jim Northover

Design and business make a volatile mix, says Jim Northover, but it is one we cannot afford to dismiss

Jack Schulze, Timo Arnall

Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall see more and more designers making it all up as they go along

Ordinary values
Alice Twemlow

Design discourse is slowly learning to appreciate the essence of the everyday, writes Alice Twemlow

Lost in flatlands
Gerry Leonidas

Will the next generation of page layout programs give us back our sense of space?

Sue Steward

Sue Steward considers the speed, the globalisation and the democratisation of digital photography

Tangible digital (intro)
Tom Hartshorn

How can we make the virtual more physical while bringing emotion into the digital domain?

Tangible digital (case studies)
John Ridpath

How can we make the virtual more physical while bringing emotion into the digital domain?

10,000 one offs
John L. Walters

Field’s 10,000 ‘illustrations’ for SEA’s GF Smith paper swatch give a new dimension to variable…

A certain smile
John L. Walters

Sara De Bondt is a shaker and mover, who leads a studio with a decisively contemporary approach to…

Beyond words
Noel Douglas

Peter Kennard’s angry, wordless montages show a political nightmare in the hope that we wake up and deal…