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Sense of place

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Three new typefaces for local institutions draw on Sheffield’s cultural and typographic history

Why Helvetica?

Issue 40, Summer 2001


Despite the changes provoked by the digital ‘revolution’, designing a typeface for serious…

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From stone to screen

27 September 2019

Curator Mark Noad explains the thinking behind ‘Rock Paper Pixel’, a new exhibition at the Lettering Arts Centre in Snape
Letter Exchange is an organisation for professionals in the lettering arts – calligraphy, letter cutting, type design and typography – that encourages discussion between these disciplines that can influence new approaches to lettering across different traditions, writes Mark Noad.

(Typographic) Noted #94

19 August 2019

Toulouse Letters; Brick Index; Jeremy Tankard’s Brucker; Morgue File 1 & 2; Reinventing Print: Technology and Craft in Typography
Here is a selection of type-related things – a new typeface and several typographic books – that have caught our attention in recent weeks.

Type now: Eye 98 live

28 May 2019

Join us at St Bride Library for Eye’s quarterly Type Tuesday on 4 June, with Hansje van Halem, Mark Thomson, Ferdinand Ulrich and more …
The next Type Tuesday on 4 June 2019 is a live version of our latest type special issue.

Noted #81

28 April 2017

De Worde, Span, Cashcow Oblique, Bad Decisions and Oz magazine
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Type Tuesday: Text, pixel, pen and fen

1 May 2012

Tankard’s new type family Fenland questions the ‘calligraphic metaphor’
The launch party for Jeremy Tankard’s new type family Fenland, at London’s Kemistry Gallery, was packed to capacity with gallery regulars and friends and colleagues of the designer, writes Alex Cameron.