Review: June 1993


Collaborating over the wire

Nico Macdonald

Modems have been around for years, but a number of recent developments have made them…

From A-Z but not in that order

Jasia Reichardt

Hypermedia is a glorious encapsulation of other media. It has brought video, computing…

Konnishi wa to multilingual type

Brett Wickens

Increased globalisation of business means English-speaking designers are working more and…

Stamps and the public interest

Gerard Forde

Since Rowland Hill’s introduction of the Penny Black in 1840, the postage stamp has been…

Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Laurel Harper

Laurel Harper on paper samplers


High thoughts on a self-effacing art

Robin Kinross

‘To begin with, let us enumerate what is repulsive and therefore wrong.’ Thus opens an…

The desktop repro-house

Brett Wickens

Do-it-yourself reprographics are just around the corner, according to the suppliers. Brett Wickens urges…


David Stone Martin

Eye editors

Jazz Graphics by Manek Daver (Graphic-Sha, £27.50) is an encyclopaedic compendium of…

Word, image and emotion

Penny Sparke

Graphic design history is a notoriously tricky subject spanning, as it inevitably has to…

The end of an art form?

Tibor Kalman

Is the poster a valid communication medium or a historical object that graphic designers…
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